Improper identification of the subsoil before construction or errors at the facility design stage and lack of specialized control over construction works are the most common causes of such damage. Our company, in cooperation with laboratories testing concrete, will try to find the best solution and method of repairing these damages.

05 November 2023

Technical opinions and methodology for repairing a concrete slab

The industrial floor is one of the most important parts of any industrial facility. Its quality has a very large impact on the production process and the way materials are stored. It is believed that the durability of an industrial floor and its hardened top layer should ensure uninterrupted operation for a period of not less than 25 years. It is estimated that the share of expenditure incurred on the construction of a failure-free industrial floor is 20% of the total costs related to the construction of an industrial hall. Any damage to floors in operating factories forces us to incur very high costs related not only to repairing the defective surface, but also to partial, periodic shutdown of certain areas of the plant and leads to production downtime.


For many years we have been supporting the flooring industry in industrial construction with technical opinions. Over the years, the construction industry has developed a construction order regulated in Poland by the provisions of the "Construction Law" Act, which broadly defines and regulates the construction process from the moment of investment initiation, through design, construction, acceptance and its further maintenance. Concrete is a durable material with high strength, but like any material it has drawbacks. One of them is the relatively small tensile strength, more than ten times lower than the compressive strength, which in concrete slabs causes the destruction of the structure in the form of cracks and cracks. The direct cause is the exceeding of the maximum stresses in the concrete, which manifests itself as a break in the continuity of the material.


The concrete slab, as a structure that is thin in relation to its span, is subject to high shrinkage stress caused by the grout and, due to the environmental conditions - dryness and frictional resistance - exceeds the permissible tensile stresses.

After a few months of use, some damage and defects may appear on the surface of the board.



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